What a perfect way to start your morning off with increasing your vibration to the highest level. Draw one of 22 cards in my Soulful Seer ‘Soulful Deck’ or 28 Cards in my 'Dharma Deck' to jump start your daily inspiration!  The messages have been guided to me from the Divine to increase the LOVE vibration filled with moments of JOY! Each set comes with a Rose Quartz, the stone for the heart chakra. Remember to love yourself fist and then let it radiate outwards. Place the stone on top of the deck to increase the love vibration and to clear the deck as well.

I have been told that my cards bring “a sense of inner calm and help to pinpoint sources of stress, indecision and anxiety” in individuals seeking answers in a loud and confusing world.  An oft-returning client, Mary, wrote: “When my life seems to be a bit too much or I feel unhinged, I often turn to my Soulful Seer card deck. The cards provide guidance and help me to focus my thoughts on issues that are relevant. They help me to tune out the noise of everyday living”.

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Soulful Seer 'Soulful Deck'



Soulful Seer 'Dharma Deck'